Inflammatory Language or Freedom of Speech Discussing the po…

Inflammatory Language or Freedom of Speech
Discussing the power of language and introducing  the term, “inflammatory language.” During the 1980s and early ’90s in the United States many public colleges and universities sought to combat discrimination and harassment on campuses through the use of so-called speech codes. Proponents of the codes often argued the codes were necessary to prevent a rise in discriminatory harassment. Others said the push for the codes was merely part of a general movement of political correctness. Please listen to the 15 minute podcast below which covers speech codes on campuses in 2015 and answer the discussion questions.

The Drive for Campus Speech Codes  (Links to an external site.)If necessary, download transcript here.

For this discussion:

After listening to this podcast, I’d like for you to discuss whether you feel speech codes restricting certain types of speech on college campuses are necessary and useful, or whether the codes infringe on freedom of speech and expression.
Do you feel that there are exceptions to these speech codes/rules? Explain. Might you agree with the intent of the rules but not the reality? Support your opinions.
Based on what we have discussed in this course, why does the way that we use language effect the way that view the world and those around us?

Keep in mind that you will need to support your opinion with details and examples. 

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