The individual term paper entails a detailed analysis and critical evaluation of an organization you are very familiar with. Your assessment will be based using important and practical guidelines associated with organizational behavior concepts as an evaluative yardstick. You will also be required to provide several specific recommendations for organizational improvement. Your report will provide you with an important overview of the key contents associated with the three organizational behavior cluster of concepts that we deal with in this class. Specifically, write a term paper detailing the following:

Provide a detailed description of the organization that you will be assessing
With specific reference to the chapter and your readings on teams and team dynamics, describe what a “team oriented” organization will look like and what structures and policies such an organization is likely to have. Provide an assessment of the extent to which your selected organization is “team oriented”. Provide solid reasons for your assessment. Identify 4 specific ways in which your selected organization could increase its “team orientedness”.
With specific reference to the chapter and your readings on motivation, evaluate and provide an assessment of the ways that your selected organization motivate employees. Identify 4 specific ways in which your selected organization could enhance the ways in which employees are motivated.
With specific reference the chapter, use the 5-factor model of personality to develop a simple questionnaire. Use this to assess and describe your personality and also the personality of your immediate supervisor. Provide 4 reasons why such self-assessments and supervisor assessments are important for the effective management of employees.
With specific reference to chapter on perception, highlight 4 practical and important perception related issues that top managers in your selected organization should seriously consider. Identify 4 specific ways in which your selected organization could improve upon the 4 practical and important perception related issues you identified.
Identify one country in each of the following regions of the world: Europe, Asia. The selected country should NOT be your country of origin. Reference chapter 2 and the section on values across cultures. Look up Hofstedeâ€s actual data on the two countries with respect to Individualism/collectivism and Power distance. Create a simple table. Explain what you find with respect to these two dimensions. Highlight 2 important managerial and human resource implications if your selected organization was planning to set up subsidiaries in each of the two countries you selected.
At least six scholarly sources (books or articles) should be referenced.

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