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A PhD in nursing is obtained when an individual completes a doctorate degree in a research-focused program. The curriculum includes advancing knowledge in concept and theoretical formulations and testing, theoretical analysis, and advanced nursing research (Cresia, & Friberg, 2011). At the completion of a PhD program the graduate student must complete and defend a doctoral dissertation. A DNP, or doctor of nursing practice, is the highest degree for nursing practice and is practice-focused. The curriculum includes developing evidence-based practice care regimens, identifying issues within a practice setting, and advanced learning in clinical judgment (Cresia, & Friberg, 2011). DNP’s work collaboratively with other health care professionals and are highly specialized practitioners.
I personally want to obtain my DNP. I enjoy working closely with my patients and their families. This way I can still work with my patients and their families closely and be able to treat them more efficiently. After completion of this program I am planning on taking a small break and then starting school for my DNP!!

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