Indiana Wesleyan University Health Policy Problem Statement discussion

Introduction and Alignment
The culminating project for this course is a comprehensive health policy analysis, due in Workshop Six. For detailed information on how the assignment will be assessed, refer to the Assessment Criteria found in Workshop Six, 6.3 Health Policy Analysis.
Your policy analysis will cover a current healthcare policy issue. The analysis will result in a final recommendation for action by a legislator with an interest in your policy area of expertise.
Your analysis will be used to frame the legislator’s position and provide the basis for explaining his/her position to the media and constituents.
The policy analysis will follow the method outlined in chapter 14 of your textbook, Essentials of Health Policy and Law.
Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

Analyze a health policy issue.
Conduct a health policy analysis.
Identify biblical principles applicable to a health policy.
Create a formal health policy analysis paper.


For this assignment, you will be developing your problem statement. A problem statement is intended to be short. No more than three sentences. The statement will identify what the problem is, who the problem affects, the impact of the problem, and what a successful solution would look like.

Identify the health policy issue being addressed by the Health Policy Analysis.
Review article Writing a Good Problem Statement by John Parker located at
Prepare the Problem Statement for your Health Policy Analysis following the above guidance.
Ensure the Problem Statement is one to three sentences in length.
Make a copy of your Problem Statement and submit the Problem Statement by the end of the workshop.

Comment from Instructor about previous submission

Review article Writing a Good Problem Statement by John Parker located at
Use the article Writing a Good Problem Statement by John Parker located at to write a concise problem statement. One way to focus your topic would be to isolate the problem to the “limited payments received from CMS for services.” You may rewrite the statement and resubmit for full credit.

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