independent design project demonstrating an understanding of…

his course requires you to prepare and submit an Independent Design Project demonstrating an understanding of robotic design processes, fundamentals, and interactions by designing a simple robot to utilize sensors, central processing, and locomotion/physical interaction.
This module week’s assignment is to prepare a 300-word overview of the project that identifies:

A perceived need (i.e., mission/use) that could be met through the use of a robotic system.
Why such a need exists and how a robotic system would be well suited to perform.
Operational domain of the mission (e.g., fixed-position, ground, aerial, water, or exo-planetary/space).
Subsystems and critical elements that you propose to include in your design, based on your review of similar systems, and a basic overview of their function (these can change, as your design evolves over the course).
At least five supporting reference citations (in current APA format).

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