First 400-600 words:
On the Internet find the cost for incarceration for your New York state prison system. This should include a budget reflecting the construction, the costs of staff and administration and the costs of maintaining and housing inmates in these facilities. Each prison system usually will have a total cost of inmate per day figure. Which part of the country is the most expensive, which is the cheapest?
Second 400-600 words:
You are a state judge in your community and will be up for election in 6 months. Your opponent has criticized you for not taking a hard line against criminals by using tough sentencing practices, specifically long tern incarceration for non-violent offenses. Write a short speech to your constituents explaining why community corrections options may be better for the community when compared to prison sentences. In 400-600 words, criticize your opponent for his/her hard line stance and explain why this approach may not be best for the taxpayer and community.
Justify your sentencing strategies with facts found in the book (Corrections today 3rd edition by larry siegel, Clemens bartollas
you cannot copy and paste information from a reference source, that is plagiarism. You can summarize, paraphrase, and include quotes – you must properly cite your material and provide the full reference at the end. The basic rule is this: if something is not your original thought you must give credit to the source of that information. Failure to do so is a violation of the plagiarism policy.
must have 400-600 words and be written in APA format (which includes in-text citations and list of sources).
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