In this unit’s learning module, you explored the changes in …

In this unit’s learning module, you explored the changes in …

The Remote Worker
In this unit’s learning module, you explored the changes in jobs that have occurred with recent technological advancements. You have also considered how the recent CoVid-19 pandemic impacted these changes. One of the most notable changes was the expansion of remote work. You or someone you know likely left the office and worked from home in 2020. In this discussion, you are asked to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of remote work based on your own or an associate’s experience. In your initial post, respond to the following:

Describe the job requirements and how they changed due to remote work based on personal observations and experiences.
Discuss one personal and one societal benefit resulting from working remotely. How did the nature of the job contribute to the benefits experienced?
Discuss one personal and one societal drawback.
Has the remote worker returned to the office? If so, describe the experience in positive and negative terms?
If the remote worker has not returned to the office, explain why not and whether that may or may not change in the future.
Conclude the post with your opinion on whether remote work will lead to positive or negative social change. Be sure to include your rationale for this conclusion.

 Please be sure to support your opinions and ideas with specific examples. Plagiarism Free Papers
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