In this unit, you were introduced to recent advancements in …

In this unit, you were introduced to recent advancements in …

In this unit, you were introduced to recent advancements in medicine, including the use of cloning and 3D printing to create replacement or enhancement parts. In this discussion, you are asked to consider the ethics associated with these different forms of replacements and enhancements now possible due to recent advancements in medicine. To complete your initial post:

First, imagine you are a member of the Ethics Board at the American Medical Association. You are involved in specific discussions about the use of replacement and enhancement parts from cloning and 3D printing.
Second, write a discussion post that presents your opinions on the ethics of these replacement/enhancement part strategies by responding to the following questions:

What is your main ethical concern about each technology?
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each technology you have considered when addressing your concerns?
Do your considerations differ based on whether the technology is used for replacement or enhancement? Why or why not?

Given this analysis, describe what you would recommend to the ethics committee specific to your concerns.

Please be sure to support your opinions and ideas with specific examples. Plagiarism Free Papers
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