In Module 3 you explored how influential interviews can be i…

In Module 3 you explored how influential interviews can be in your research. A great interview can give you more relevant information than most print sources. What makes an interview great? First, choose a relevant expert to interview. The more knowledgeable and credible your interview subject, the better the interview will be. However, even if you have the most knowledgeable and most credible expert to interview, if you ask the wrong questions, your interview will fall flat.
In this discussion you will brainstorm and revise your interview questions to help ensure you can conduct the best possible interview.
Prepare: Choose an expert to interview. Use the same expert guidelines you used for your Module 3 interview. Choose the most credible, knowledgeable expert you can find for the topic you chose in Discussion 1. Set up an appointment for your interview.
Think: Think about what you want to know about your topic. What information is most interesting or significant to you? What lines of thought or argument do you most want to follow? What do you think your interview subject will be most knowledgeable about?
Write: List the name and occupation/expertise of the person you will interview. Write at least seven well-constructed, thoughtful interview questions. Create specific questions that are not leading, biased, or confusing.

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