In advance, identify an education leader who will participat…

In advance, identify an education leader who will participate in a brief interview with you.  The leader can be a K-12 department chair, an administrator at an elementary, middle, or high school, a private school leader, a college administrator/adviser, a department chair or dean at a university, or a campus president.  You may interview them in person or on the telephone. First, review the leadership instruments that from the chapter such as the Leadership Behavior Survey and the Measuring Preferred Management Styles.  Using some of the information from these instruments as well as research on leadership styles, develop a minimum of 5 interview questions focused on gathering good information from the education leader about their leadership style and how they evaluate leaders in their educational institutions. 
After you have completed the interview, construct a Power Point presentation discussing the points made by the person you interviewed on the leadership qualities he or she feels are important and how to evaluate those qualities.  Begin with an introduction describing the person you interviewed (e.g., a bio on one slide) and five slides each with the questions you used for the interview and bullet points highlighting the main points of the answer.  Finish with one slide that is a conclusion. In your conclusion, discuss how you might change your questions to more effectively address evaluation leadership qualities if you had the opportunity to conduct this interview a second time
Megan is the person interviewEd. Director of a special needs school. I’ll feel in most of the first slide for bio. Just do the rest and make the slides sound good with solid questions. 

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