The harshness of the British army.
I was proud to be a soldier in the British army, it was an experience I’ll never forget. We had our love of country to see us through years of hardship. However, not everything was we experienced was pleasant, because we were at war. The treatment we received from our commanding officers was brutal and extreme in the harshest since of the word. We received brutal punishment for even the smallest infractions. Some were whipped others were put to death by means of execution. Some of the soldiers would take their own life for fear of what their commanding officers’ choice of punishment would be, if they were caught stealing. The winter was much like home, without the comfort of a chair in front of the hearth. Plenty of snow to keep you company, at least the winter was considered a warm one. we all received 4 ponds extra for staying in the winter war. That is about the only good thing that happened to us.  I feel blessed by God and Country to have made it home alive. The day we left, it was any ones guess as to who would be coming home alive. I will never forget my fellow soldiers; the ones that came home with me, the ones we lost in battle, or to our commanding officers’ brutal punishment.
(2)As a British member of parliament, we all have come to the conclusion that we should increase the taxes that all colonists should pay. The British government needs this increased revenue because we are in debt because of war. Many of the colonists would say these taxes are “unfair”, but we ultimately just need money. Our first tax will be the Stamp Act. This will be our first direct tax on the American colonies. Also the British government would like to also let all colonists know about the Quartering Act.
This will make all colonists supply housing and other needs to any British soldiers, and that’s not all, we will tax the colonists to pay for the for the army. That means more money for our British government. For this Quartering Act,  colonists will provide living quarters to the British soldiers in North America. As some of you would think, this is unfair… but realistically it isn’t. The British Government needs the money and we will get that money however we want.

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