Importance of Nutrition and Weight Status Paper

I attached the links of nutrition sites that are accepted by my professor.
Decide on a Nutrition Related Topic that interests YOU
2. Refer to the list of “Reliable” Nutrition Sources”
located under Modules
3. Search a Nutrition Topic that interests you.
Search more than one site to find the best article that answers your questions.
4. Article must be minimum of 2 pages
(1-2 paragraphs not accepted)
5. After reading the article, answer the questions on the assignment (link above)
Submit as pdf file with a pdf copy of the article OR URL link
Source: (1 point) If using a link from one of the reliable sources state here which original source provided it

Why did you choose this article – what question did you hope to answer by reading this article? (1 point)
In your own words, what was the article about? Paraphrase in 75-100 words. (3 points)
Choose 3 words from the article that were important or significant and explain why. (3 points)
What did this article cause you to consider, wonder about, appreciate or dispute? Write TWO ideas as either questions or statements. (2 points)

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