Impact of Information: its reach, its impact, and its trend”.

Impact of Information: its reach, its impact, and its trend”.

Information Technology module Instructions: 200 Words.
In the ‘Future Of Real-Time Information†slide presentation, 11 trends are identified. In your opinion, which of those are of short-term, or already realized in developed countries, and which of those are of long-term, or may not realize in the future? 
All of the 11 trends identified are viewed (in this presentation) to have a positive impact on the quality of life for humanity on the worldwide scale. Use a contrarian view to write a critique on selected few to elaborate these trends†possible negative implications. Some of he examples could be: 1. Personal census data on community spending habit versus privacy and identity theft concerns. 2. Social sentiment trend monitoring may lead to polarization and escalation of the political conflict. 3. Promote civic engagement by lowering barrier of entry could drown out individual voices. 4. The overwhelming amount of information requires more sophisticated analysis and will actually concentrate power in the hands of a few. Besides, they have a poor track record of making sound analysis and correct predictions. 5. Data democracy will exacerbate ‘digital gapâ€. The amount of data available to average citizen may actually reduce relative to the amount of data available to central powers such as government and big business. Finally, what is your view on the recent development of quantum communication technology? Do you believe future quantum technology can be the panacea that can allay all data security concerns?.
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