Impact Identification – My Perfect Tutors

Instructions: Read the material at the sites listed to help guide you in identifying impacts of the solutions to the management problem in attached word docs. 
1. (Business Analysis-FEMA)
2. Mind Tools:
3. A Simple Tool for Measuring Training Impact:
4. Who moved my cheese: (video)
5. is a checklist to assess impact of proposed legislation on families—use to help you understand the kinds of questions to ask yourself when considering impact of business decisions)
Complete a 2-4 page paper discussing the impacts to the client relating to the management problem and solution in attached word docs 
As you do your analysis (BIA), consider both short term and long-term impacts and how employees, clients, and stakeholder will respond to the potential changes in the business environment.  Identifying the short and long – term consequences can help make the necessary adjustment to your plan.    

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