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. The last time I felt some psychological distress was when my grandmother had passed away and I felt sadness. I handled this by spending more time with my family and being around them more. While I was with them I did think about the happy moments I had with my grandmother and I also thought about the time I should spend with my other family members while they are still here and how I should value them. At first i didn’t really share these emotions with anyone and i kept them to myself but then later on i did talk to my sister about it and i felt like it did help a lot because i was holding these feelings back or bottled up and when i did speak i felt like i released them and felt relief and this weight off my chest. That’s why I believe it’s better to share these emotions in order for one to move forward and progress. There is only so much one can do alone and i dont believe its very beneficial keeping the emotions to oneself and I believe speaking to someone would benefit everybody.
2. I believe that I am not as heavily influenced by other people because I do like to do my own things and decisions but at the same time I do learn from other people and collect knowledge from them that would in the future help me make a decision. In my last 3 emails I was the one using the I’s the most so that would make the other person higher in status. In the emails it was usually me asking questions and the other person providing answers and guidance and their tone I believe sounded more professional and more put together than mine. This was surprising to me because I didn’t know something like this could show a person’s status but in the end I do believe the person is in a higher status than mine because he is in a better position than me and has accomplished his goals and is helping me accomplish mine by providing knowledge and guidance. I believe this exercise illustrates the definition of social psychology because it has to do with interactions and how an interaction with a person could later affect the person and their decisionsrespond to both statements?Feedback on them? Plagiarism Free Papers
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