Identify the cultural factors within the scenario below Over…

Identify the cultural factors within the scenario below
Overview of the Issue:The student is a clinical intern that helps out with intakes/psychological evaluations for incoming clients. The student conducted a virtual intake with a middle-aged male in the morning and it began normally. Then, ,when asked why the client came in for services he explained how he had a young female psychiatrist who wasn’t listening to his requests for a specific medication to help with his anxiety. At the end of his explanation he abruptly stopped and looked at the student (who is a young female) and asked if she would be doing his treatment, in a condescending voice. The student responded politely and explained that they would just be doing the intake and would not be his therapist or be in charge of his medication management. The client was happy with that response and cooperated throughout the rest of the intake. After the intake was completed the student diagnosed him with a substance use disorder in addition to an anxiety disorder. At the students agency, if someone is diagnosed with a substance use disorder, then they are required to attend SUD EOP services if they want any other services at all. The student called the client to inform him of this and he was very upset and belligerently declined any and all services from aspire because he just wants to get the medication he needs?. The student then apologized for the inconvenience but reiterated that it is the agency’s policy. After the client and student hung up, the client texted the student that he was sorry to bother her but he is just looking for a doctor to see him and that he has money and insurance. The student was unsure what he meant by that, so she did not respond. Then the client sent another message saying that he would eventually find a doctor and that it was awesome talking to the student. The student responded saying that she was sorry it didn’t work out and hopes that the client can find a doctor for his medication management, she also informed him that the agency will have his chart open for two weeks in case anything changes and that they can come in for another intake at any point in the future if they wish. The client responded thank you beautiful?. The student did not respond and reported this to her supervisor immediately. After not responding, the client reached out again to ask if everything they discussed is confidential and his file would not be public information. The student responded saying everything in the system is protected by HIPAA regulations. The client responded with his apologies for saying beautiful, if it made me uncomfortable?. After receiving no response from the student, the client added that he wishes that they could have met under different circumstances. The student did not respond. The students supervisor told the student to not respond to the client and to let her know if he reaches out again by text message, e-mail, or phone call. The students supervisor also told the student that if the client does reach out again, then he will be told to not contact me and be assigned to a different therapist for an intake or recommendation for services. Plagiarism Free Papers
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