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Let your voice be heard by shaping an impactful policy brief. To begin developing your policy brief, you must define a problem from your clinical experience and use your scientific nursing knowledge to strategize how you can impact health policy.
Initial Post
In an initial post, respond to the following:

Select your topic: Identify your policy brief topic from a news brief, article, community problem, and so on, and present a summary of it to your colleagues. Be sure to link the background information for your colleagues to provide context on the essence of the issue.
Statement of the issue: Provide a brief statement describing the issue you want policy makers to address. Discuss why the issue matters and why it must be addressed imminently.
Discuss the effects/ramifications: Discuss your policy issue change at macro, meso, and micro levels.

approximately 200–250 words
Use APA 7th edition format for references and whenever possible, post references as a hyperlink to access the reference article.
Week 2 Assignment 1: Health Policy Brief Annotated Bibliography
Value: Complete/Incomplete
Due: Day 7
Now that you have selected a specific topic, you will gather research surrounding your topic to support your policy recommendations. You will use this annotated bibliography in Week 4 Assignment 1: Health Policy Brief.
Search for at least five scholarly references published within the past five years that directly support your selected health policy. Thoroughly read through the sources that you find and ensure they are credible and reliable. List the scholarly resources and a short description of the publication underneath each resource (1–2 sentences). Organize your research so you are prepared to analyze and summarize your findings.

This annotated bibliography should be at least 1 page long.
All references should be formatted using APA 7th edition.
Include a title page (not included in page count).
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