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Phase 2: Literature ReviewYour Task: Research your topic selected in phase 1. polygamyproduce a Literature Review (historical background) to explain what is currently known about polygamy.
references to use a s examples: Literature Review must:Introduce the proposed research (the questionnaire you will write for your interview)- questionsure (How Does Dating Work? How Do You Break Up With One Of Your Significants? How Do You Spend Your Time Equally With Everyone?Are There Jealousy Issues? How Do The Kids Know Who Their Mother Or Father Is? Is The Concept Of Loyalty Applicable In Polygamy? If So, In What Form Is It Expressed In? What Is Your Reason For Preferring A Polygamy Structure? Is It A Result Of A Push Or A Pull Factor? Is It Because It Gives You The Flexibility To Seek For Different Traits In A Partner Or The Idea Of Being With Only One Person Is Just Too Suffocating For You? Are You Single, Married, Widowed, Or Divorced?How Would You Say Your Poly Is Set Up? Solopoly? Hierarchical? Poly Relationship Anarchy? Is Every Relationship The Same Across The Board, Or Are You In Different Structures With Different Partners? If You Believe In Continuing In Polygamous Relationships After Marriage, How Do You Decide A Particular Partner Is The Suitable For Marriage Or Not? How Does This Partner That You Have Married Differ To You Emotionally Than From Your Other Partners?)Purpose- to examine how the brain fathoms polygamyMethod (explain the questionnaire, what types of questions will be asked, who it will be given to, etc.) It will be given to someone who has experience in polygamous relationships and can give first hand answers.What your research will attempt to explain (based on what is already known) what influence polygamy has on peopleHypothesis- Polygamy is a complex concept and a result of power dynamics, with deep social, cultural, economic, and political roots.Why it is importantSummarize what is already known about the topicOrganize the information from your sources logically ( in paragraph form)State if more information or research is required and how YOUR questionnaire will address thisConclude by summarizing the quality and quantity of information found and describe how YOUR research is different, up-to-date, etc. Restate why YOUR research is important.requirementsBe written formally in a report (use 3rd person, no slang or short forms)Be focused on your specific topicHave at least 5 academic sources (journals, websites, and/or books)apa format (in-text citations and a reference list)Be no longer than two to three pages in length or four to five pagesBe written in sandwich format:BUN: Introduction (your proposed research)FILLING: Background information (secondary research – what is already known?)BUN: Conclusion (What areas require more research? How will your questionnaire results attempt to explain this?) Plagiarism Free Papers
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