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(Don’t use names) Have you ever had to deal with an unethical boss or colleague? What did you do/would you do if you were in this situation? How can you safeguard yourself in the future from an unethical boss, peer, company?

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To my recollection, I do not believe that I have ever personally had an unethical boss or colleague, but, I have heard some stories about them. If i were in a situation where I was to encounter one, I think that my first step would be to sit them down and ask about their thought processes and get to know the “why” they do things. Being accusatory right out of the gate is a bad way to start because without being 100% sure about what they are doing, you could be completely mistaken and put yourself in a bad light. From there you can then choose how to go about things however necessary. To safeguard for this in the future I will just have to be vigilant and aware of my surroundings so that I can understand the people that I am working with. A blind eye cannot be turned on even the smallest infraction, but that does not mean you have to punish them.
2nd discussion to reply to :
Luckily, I have not experienced any truly unethical bosses or colleagues. Sure, there might some shady things going on every now and then, but none with harmful desires or outcomes. If I did have to deal with these, I’d rather deal with this person myself, instead of going straight to the boss and telling on them, I would talk to them and maybe offer different ideas that might have the same outcome they were looking for. If it was really a problem and they were doing things that I know could potentially affect others, then yes, I would talk to other colleagues and maybe go to the manager or boss together. Now, if the problem was with the manager or boss, then things get more complicated, but it is still important to me that I work in an honest environment where everyone is on the same page. I would do something similar, where I would get other colleagues that maybe feel the same way and speak to HR about this certain issue or to higher management.
I think that it’s hard to know how people truly are at first before you join a company, but you can make your own assumptions, and if you feel that something is off about it, then listen to your gut. Also, looking for those companies that you know really value their mission and vision along with their employees, would be a good solution.
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