2,000 word essay i have the first 2 paragraphs written its on philosophy 
the pictures i uploaded is just so you can uses sources from those
1)       Popkin, Richard H., and Stroll, Avrum. “Philosophy Made Simple 2ndEdition”. Broadway Books, New York. 1993.       
2)  Perry, John,  Bratman, Michael, and Martin Fischer, John. “ Introduction to Philosophy 5th Edition” . Ofxord University Press, Oxford. 2010.
use these two for bibliography(the books of the pages I uploaded) and maybe like one or two other sources
What are the arguments for and against determinism and free will, and which do you find more  compelling. Why? 
here are my 2 paragraphs 
In terms of arguments for and against determinism and free will, there are many aspects and perspectives to consider, as both ideas correlate. Through numerous philosophers’ theories and research on this topic, one is able to gain a sense of the ideas and to reach a conclusion of which seems more compelling in their logic. Specific philosophers’ viewpoints that I found interesting include, but are not limited to, Hobbes, Tolstoy, Moore, and Hume. Although quite abstract in its holistic sense, I for one like to think that I am for free will and determinism as denial of freedom ultimately leads to dehumanization of the self. 
Determinism states that the way things will be is a result of how things are the work of natural laws. In other words, it is when internal or external forces are seen to be the effect of one’s behaviors; whereas free will can be simply defined as “the belief that human beings can be the authors of their own actions and to reject the idea that human actions are determined by external conditions or fate.”  Hans Eysenck, a German psychologist,once asked “could a person’s behavior have been different in a certain situation if they willed it?”

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