Acting Out Culture: Chapter 2–
1) Unspeakable Conversations ( McBride Johnson)
***Question : To what extent is it valid to think of Johnsons account here as expanding or enlarging the scope of the ways disabled people are conventionally seen? What qoutes can you find from her essay to support your opinion.
2) Should We Ditch the Idea of Privacy? (Don Tapscott)
***Question: Tapscott lists a number of benefits that follow from our ability to share personal information online. Can you think of any risks this poses? And do any of these risks outweigh benefits Tapscott outlines? How or how not?
3) #Me: Instagram Narcissism and the Scourge of the Selfie (John Paul Titlow)
*** Question:: In the subtitle to this piece, Titlow characterizes the popularity of the “selfie” portrait as a “scourge”What point is he trying to make by using this term? Do you think Titlows word choice here is accurate? Appropriate? Why or why not?
You have been assigned a reading selectiion. By the assigned due date for your initial post choose any one of the DISCUSSION questions at the end of your assigned reading selection and answer it thoroughly in a paragraph (5-7 sentences minimum) using one cited quote from the text, Acting Out Culture, for support. You must identify the reading selection title and the question you are answering in your initial post.
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