i need help with my assingment 2

this graded assignment aim to improve and test your skills in: reading and critically summarizing the basics of (psychiatric first aid) within mental crisis and international outbreaks..
After reading the attached world health organization booklet:
The Assignment must be type written in black color.
Time new roman font, size (12pt).
(1.5) line spaced using A4 paper.
Cover page include (collage logo, course name & code, assignment title, student name & ID, teachers names, date of submission).
Write an introduction paragraph in the beginning.
Write body paragraphs that summarized the main ideas.
Write a conclusion or sum-up paragraph.
Don’t just copy titles from the book, try to read and scan all main ideas inside the contexts.
Don’t write more than 3 pages, two or three pages are enough (one cover page + 1 or 2 contents pages).
Save it and send it as (pdf) file, within (Canvas).
the deadline is: 4 April, Saturday, 6:00 A.M.
if you need any explanation contact us for help,
thank you,
you are doing great efforts,
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