i need an answer for my human resource management class discussion topic

I need an answer for this week’s discussion topic:
* Identify and explain the three primary HR activities. Which activity do you think is most challenging and why?

Active Participation

I am looking for a lively and high participation discussion of this unit’s topic.
Outstanding evidence of learning will be demonstrated by answering the question and fully discussing, challenging, and enhancing the discussion by your fellow students.

Quality of Responses

Your answers should be thoughtful and thorough in content.
Two references are required. Your answers need to contain information from the textbook and information from outside the textbook.

Textbook: This could include Power-Web, a website, or journal articles, short youtube videos, etc.
External resource: This could include a scholarly or reputable internet resource.


Cite your sources in-text in APA style.
Provide the reference/s at the end of the discussion question.

Quantity of Responses

Initial Post

Every student should answer the unit discussion questions individually.
Each initial answer should be at least 300 words in length

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