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This week your readings provided insights into intelligence and its role in enabling homeland security operations and policy development. You also had the chance to examine the changes in the intelligence community and its response to the calls after 9/11 to create an environment of sharing information rather than making other agencies ask for and prove a need to know that information.
Discussion Questions:
Intelligence-led policing (ILP) has been seen by some researchers as the next step beyond community policing, while other researchers see this no real change. From your analysis of the readings identify the pros and cons of ILP and your evaluation of whether state and local law enforcement should adopt such a program.
The ability to connect the dots was the impetus of many changes within the intelligence community post 9/11. This has led to a number of initiatives from the creation of fusion centers, the NCTC and the ODNI. Based on your analysis of the readings, what is your assessment of the current capability to share information and connect the dots and are there additional efforts that need to be undertaken?

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