I have assignment can you help me pleas

Assignment – Evaluation of general use Hand tools
1 Make a pic. Make a pic when used.
2 Describe purpose.
3 Evaluate comfortability to hold with secure grip 0-10, same when used 0-10 (0 no pressure or force on the hand).
4 Repeat 3 with a handglove by choice
5 Estimate (roughly) possibility for injury because of the the handle and the grip.
6 Answer – is this tool easy and safe to use for long period of time
7 Make suggestions for improvement and also improvement to use with a glove.
Report – title author dates, prepare in a doc or ppt either win os or google – save as pdf and submit on Bb
File name: 2018SPR-ErgoSAFE4000-HandToolAsignment-FirstLastName.pdf
1; 2 – 1 pt.
3; 4 – 1 pt.
5 – 1 pt.
6 – 1 pt.
7 – 1 pt.The post I have assignment can you help me pleas first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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