i am trying to put together a multi source analysis paper

i am trying to put together a multi source analysis paper

You will use two texts to address this: one source youâ€ve already read (literacy narrative or argumentative essay), and a new theoretical text that will act like a “lens” to sharpen your view of the more familiar source. Your guiding question is this: how would one author weâ€ve read answer a question or respond to an argument posed by Ishiguro, Anzaldúa, or Schacter about the relationship between writing and memory? You can think of of this project as finding out how the two sources “illuminate or complicate” each other when it comes to writing and memory. Note that in this project, you must refine your own guiding question. Youâ€ll need to tell us what sub-topic interests the authors and you, articulate a question about that topic that they can help you to answer, and choose and use evidence that shows how you believe they can help us to answer it.
The two sources Mellix From Outside and Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nobel Lecture are the two sources that you are using to refer to. Mellix From Outside is the source that has already been read and the new text that will act as a lens is Kazuo Ishiguro. The other document is simply what the project is all about. The paper should be 4.5 to 6 full pages and done in MLA format. All I need is the final paper done everything else that the document says I am taking care of.

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