Human service field | human services | Monroe College

This course examines the historical, social, and political forces that have led to the development of governmental and non-profit human services systems in contemporary America. The organization and operation of the primary social supports for meeting human service needs; the various models for the delivery of those services; theoretical perspectives; target populations, and the characteristics and skills of a human service professional. Ethical considerations and diversity issues are addressed.
subject shall deal with working with Varied Client Population in the Human Service Field. Choose one of the populations in Chapter 10 of the textbook. 
In this assignment, you will choose a topic from Chapter 10, for example:
• Homelessness
• Elderly
• Children
Next, you will state why you selected the topic:
• Describe your topic
• Explain why you chose this topic and your interest.
• Length: this submission should be at least one paragraph in length, double-spaced, times new roman, and 12 pt. Font.

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