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Human Nature Documentary on Amazon Prime- WorksheetDirections: Complete Worksheet upload document in Word doc or Docx formatto Canvas assignment tab.1. What Disease did the boy in the hospital have?2.What shape should red blood cells be? What shape are his?3.What has happened to his sequence of DNA?4.How can you fix a genetic disorder?5. What does DNA stand for?6. What is gene therapy?7.What is the name of the new technology invented?8.What is special about CRISPR?9.What are a viruses one main job?10. Do Bacteria have a memory?11.What is special about CSA9?12.What is RNA and what similarities does it have to DNA?13.Before CRISPR scientists were only getting 2% correction, what percentage are they now getting withCRISPR?14.What happens if you put a PIG’s organ into a human?15.Hw many genes have scientists changed in a single step in an attempt to change a pigs organ that canbe donated to a human without rejection?16. What opportunities does Vladmir Putin suggest would come from genetic engineering?17. Do you think it’s ok to make soldiers who can not feel pain or fear?18.The gene that can make you feel no pain, do you think this would be a good trait to have?19. What happened to the boy who felt no pain?20.What was the mutation he had? Where did it occur? What changes to bases?21.Should we use CRISPR therapy to make changes to personality and physical appearance?22. Should we modify human embryos?23. Do you think we should be designing human babies?24. How many chromosomes does a human women have? How many chromosomes does a human malehave?25.What is a pre plantation genetic diagnosis?26.What is Hemophilia A?27.What is an effect of albinism that you didn’t expect?28.What does George Church now want to do with gene editing?29. What animal is George Church trying to resurrect?30.Can you protect endangered species using gene editing?31.What are some of the negative impacts from agricultural genetic engineering that couldn’t bepredicted years ago? Plagiarism Free Papers
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