McDonald’s operates globally. Visit the company’s websites  and also search for other resources and perform a SWOT analysis on the company’s internal factors (so, just the strengths and weaknesses for now).  Important: Do not search for or use an already-performed SWOT analysis. The point of the assignment is for you to think about and analyze the company. Your response must include at least one reference about the company. Post a response to Discussion Topic by Saturday midnight East Coast US time. Websites:       After you have made your first contribution in the Discussion topic for week 3, assuming the role of a management consultant, critically review and respond substantively to at least one colleague’s posts. Focus your review and (respectful) response on the strength of your colleague’s supporting argument and evidence, on presenting alternative perspectives, and on sharing insights that may prove helpful for the future individual assignments in this course. Try to ask a direct question.  Come back in on Monday and respond to any questions posed by the people who reviewed your initial post.
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