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QUESTION 1: What does Strategic HR mean? 
In Chapter 1 we talk about the role HR plays within today’s organizations. It’s logical is it not? Today, the most valuable asset a company can have is its employees! Years ago while pursuing our MBAs, we took courses in Inventory Management, Production, and Plant Operations. But then twenty years ago our economy was based upon manufacturing and a company’s production capacity and inventory were of prime importance. Today, we’re in the information age and employees, especially creative employees with innovative ideas and technological skills, are paramount.
Twenty years ago, an HRM was little more than an administrator, someone to process the application form and ensure the new employee’s beneficiary form was completed correctly. Today, HRM’s are strategic partners in every thriving business enterprise developing policies and programs to support the mission of the business enterprise. Be sure to read and understand the information presented in Table 2.1 on pages 3 and 4 of your text.
Take a moment and define for us in your own words what you understand “strategic” to mean? And then discuss in detail and in your own words why we look at Strategic HRM as one of the first topic in this course.
Don’t forget to read over and then respond to a colleague’s ideas.
Be sure to include citations from at least two sources you used to develop your responses!
QUESTION 2: Thoughts about HR Functions in today’s world
What I would like you to do is read chapters one and two and then the Art Brooks and the Mayhew articles. As you read, make note of all of the HR functions identified in the readings and reflect carefully on the responsibilities of today’s HRMs.
In your thoughtful idea presentation you want to talk about organizational functions and about the responsibilities an HRM has today to help an organization achieve maximum efficiency and meet their stated goals. Include some thoughts to demonstrate your understanding about how and HRM’s roles and responsibilities have developed and grown. Once you’ve posted your thoughts, take the time to respond to a colleague’s ideas.
The organization of the book is intuitive. The book follows the process HR professionals or managers will go through as they assess they have the right employees at the right time to make sure the company is productive and profitable.
   In Chapter 1 “Chapter 1 – The Role of Human Resources”, we discuss the role of human resources in business and why, in a constantly changing world, the HRM function is key to a successful business. In Chapter 2 “Developing and Implementing Strategic HRM Plans”, we discuss HR strategic plans and how those plans should be developed. Strategic planning is necessary to tie company objectives with HRM objectives, but it is also important to have a “people plan” and address the ever-changing work environment. 
Required readings: Brooks (2010) “Overcoming Top Myths in HR” Retrieved from  Mahew (no date) The Strategic Role of HR Managers. Retrieved from (Short 1 page article regarding the basic functions of an HR Manager)
Recommended readings: Leroux (2009) Business Enterprise TV: “An Introduction to Human Resources” Retrieved from (Although focus on small business, references medium and large; hiring and basic functions such as developing policies and procedures and management) Haark (2015) “11 HR Trends for 2016” Retrieved from  (Good basic information about changes)

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