How We Construct and Lose Our Memories

Background: We will open up the question of whether memory is a faithful record and show how our patchwork memories serve us better than a mental museum.
Address the following questions in discussion in one paragraph for each of the three question items: (Total words should be 300 minimum, with two cited references)
1. How memories formed at the following levels:

Molecular: What is long-term potentiation (LTP)?
Cellular: How is the hippocampus important for memory?
System: How widely are memories distributed in the brain?

2. How would you distinguish amnesia from normal forgetting? When would you call an absent-minded person amnesic?
3. What’s better: A memory that records objectively and accurately, or a memory that can be updated to support newer levels of understanding?

Learning and Memory: Basic Distinction 1
Basic Distinction 2
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