How should our awareness of developmental theories guide our…

A Theoretical Foundation
A core component of administering an early childhood program is having a knowledge base of early childhood theory. As educators, it is often easier to see theory in practice when using developmentally appropriate practice directly with children. Embarking on a leadership role means that you need to explore theory from the lens of a leader in order to inform decision making for program-wide best practice. To prepare for this discussion, read the required chapters of the textbook
In your initial post:
• Provide at least one specific example when answering the following questions:
o How should our awareness of developmental theories guide our work as administrators?
o How should theory influence the implementation of quality programming as an administrator?
o Which theory most influences your personal view of leadership and/or what you have come to value as an educator?
• Explain one developmental theory or aspect of one theory that is not mentioned in the book. Discuss why this additional information is important for managers/administrators when considering program quality.
Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates who have discussed theories different from your own. Review their post and make at least one suggestion that encourages them to look at theoretical approach from a different perspective. Plagiarism Free Papers
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