How does sexual racism play out in relation to representation in the media?

Before beginning the questions, please watch this brief video

about the landmark case Loving vs. Virginia.

4/14 reading:Robinson and Frost, “Sexual Racism” (in Attachment files)

1.How do you define sexual racism? How does sexual racism relate to inequality?

2.How does sexual racism play out in relation to representation in the media? Consider both representation in film, tv, etc. as well as how representation affects technologies like apps.

3.The Robinson & Frost article primarily focuses on the gay community. Does sexual racism exist beyond gay men? Please provide a media example, if you think that it does.


McMullan, “Are the Algorithms that Power Dating Apps Racially Biased?”

Del Valle, “The Rise of Right Wing Dating Apps”

Giorgis, “Love Is Blind Was the Ultimate Reality-TV Paradox”

1.The articles by De Valle, McMullin, and Giorgis all concern different aspects of homophily, categorization, and filtering (discussed in Week 12). Explain how you see these issues playing out in two of these articles.

2.The McMullin article asks “where should the line be drawn between preference and prejudice?” What do you think this question means, and where do you stand?

3.Algorithms are conservative by nature. What does this mean and how does this play out?

4.The Giorgis article about the show Love is Blind suggests that the show wants to be less shallow than app culture. Does the show succeed? Why or why not?

5.Should apps be segregated by political affiliation and ideology? Is this kind of filtering and preference equivalent to racial, height, or class preferences?


1.This week’s pieces suggest that people have “markers” — signals we share about our identities even when we aren’t visible or when we are not not specifically disclosing them. For example, a person can send signals about their class background without saying how much money they make, through things that are both visible (clothing, car) and invisible (accent, zip code). Think of an example where media or technology use these markers to communicate whom they are for or how they should be used. You may also think of an example of how a technology can use a marker to determine a person’s identity characteristics even if they aren’t explicitly shared.

2.Based on the readings for the unit overall, what conclusions have you come to about how media shape sexual choice and preference?

Dont need too much for each question, 2-3 sentences for each question is enough


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