How can I do this proposal

How can I do this proposal

You are the president of  local youth  club.  The club sees a run down, empty lot somewhere in the community and wants to put a community garden there.  Write a proposal to the local politician seeking request to use the lot and another assistance that may be needed to put up a community garden on that piece ot lot.
Some of you have done this one before because I gave it in EN 205.  If you are in that category, come to me for an alternative.

Whichever you choose, it is important to do research to inform your proposal.

establishing the purpose of the proposal
Identify the problem, issue, or situation that needs to be improved – give background to the problem, show that you are not the only one aware of the problem, provide visuals that might help in highlighting the problem
identify the solution, show how the problem can be resolved based on your solution, respond to those who may criticize your solution, provide visuals to help show your solution

The proposal should be :

at least three pages pages long.  
You should add visuals to illustrate your point. ( The visuals must be labeled and the source from which they come must be included.
As long as you use research information, you must put a Works Cited Page.  Use MLA style. This should go on a separate page.
Good grammar is essential.

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