Home work assignment : Political Environment

For this assignment, you will collect information on the world’s largest and most powerful international institution, the United Nations.  Go to the United Nations website (Links to an external site.) to find answers to the following questions.1. What are the 5 main things the UN does (What We Do)? For each of these 5 things, what are the main ways the UN carries out that task?   Do NOT copy and paste information from these short paragraphs; read them and summarize in your own words.2.  List the 5 permanent and the 10 non-permanent members of the UN Security Council (What We Do, Maintain International Peace & Security; Security Council).3. What is the primary function of the Security Council?4. For each of the regions listed (Where We Work), what is the top story in Related News (Where We Work, click specific region, look over on right)?5. Is it important that the United Nations exist? Why or why not? In your answer, bring in information from the UN website and current events. Notice that on the rubric, this question is worth 50% of the assignment so be sure to answer thoroughly.
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