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Need back by Friday 5,2021Must follow objective and guidelines( File attached)  and I also uploaded a grading tool they will be grading by( File attached)1. Must have Home Assessment Assignment Paper completed and each question must be answer in paragraph form of more than 3 sentences and very detail. (File Attached). Teacher want to be able to visualize the interviewed person as they are reading the report.2. Overall report paper double space and type in roman numeral front. The overall paper must consist of everything  answered in step 1.3. The paper must have 3 resources and references( For each resources you must describe how each resource will benefit the client and what type of resource it is.)Example given was “Wheel on Meals”, and   ” Sneakers” at the YMCA  for older adults exercising. etc.4.The paper must include a ethical dilemma( example given was patient want  take medication/ get medicine because of having to pay for rent.
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