history in muslim land – My Nursing Experts

history in muslim land – My Nursing Experts

Based on the information in Unit 4 post a thesis on the Muslim Land Empires and then provide evidence to prove your thesis.
In your thesis you may want to:

Compare and contrast the strengths or weaknesses of the three empires.
Compare and contrast the factors which led to the rise or decline of each empire.
Explain whatever other trend you may have noticed.

You must also reply to the posts of two other students. In your replies you must add new information from Unit 4 materials to prove the other student’s thesis. You may not use the same piece of evidence someone has already used in reply to that post.
Your initial post is due 4/11, 11:59 p.m. and your two replies are due 4/12, 11:59 p.m.


Two to four paragraphs in your initial post.
A minimum of 4 pieces of evidence to prove your thesis–with at least one from the text, one from the lecture, and one from the primary source documents. You can present more than 4 pieces of evidence from the material if you would like. Be sure to cite where you found the evidence as you discuss it. Just put it in parentheses at the end of a sentence. For example: (text, pg 414) or (lecture) or (Busbecq). I’m not a stickler for format, but I would like a citation for this assignment.
Analysis of your examples to show how they prove your thesis.
Use complete sentences and paragraphs, and do not use bullet points (like I’ve just done here).
Replies to the posts of two other students. Your replies must offer additional evidence and analysis of that evidence to prove the other student’s thesis. Your piece of evidence and analysis must be original and cannot copy a reply from different a student to that same post.

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