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1. List how many students for each department.2. List the total number of sections is being offered by each department in Spring 2008.3. List the course and how many sections that it has been offered in history in descending order.4. List the total credit hours for instructors who taught in Spring 2008 in descending. You need to include all instructors in the output, even the ones who didn’t teach. The total credit hours is calculated by the sum of course credit * student number for all classes that an instructor teaches.5. Generate the transcript for student whose id is 1000 chronologically. For example: Spring 2002 is before Fall 2002.6. Generate the total number of students that each instructor taught. Sort by department, then by the student number in descending order. If an instructor taught the same students multiple times, count it as one.7. List the top 20 students of highest GPAs in Math department. List student id, name, overall GPA, and order the output by GPA from highest to lowest.8. List section information for classes offered in 2008 Spring,include course_id, course_title, section_id, capacity, actual, remaining, instructor name, building and room_number
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