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Read Chapter 5: Strategizing, Section 5.5: “Developing Strategy Through External Analysis” in Principles of Management. The textbook can be downloaded from the syllabus.part 1Pick any of the Five Forces and describe its key attributes.  Provide an example of when this force was particularly strong in a given situationIs the force you selected stronger or weaker in highly dynamic markets? Why?What effect can government regulation have on each of these forces in your own country?part 2Identify and list each of the Five Forces. You may want to do this using a visual aid, like a chart. Pick any organization you are familiar with and describe its overall competitive environment using each of the forces. Analyze how each of The Five Forces affects the organization and how each force may affect the ones.  Evaluate which force is the strongest and why.  Which is the weakest?Prepare a two page (double-spaced) essay. The paper should be 12-point font, TimesNew Roman, be at least 500 words, and include a final source list.part 3How effective are generic strategies?  Should they be specifically tailored to each organization?Minimum of 250 words. Cite any reference used in apa format.
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