History homework help

History homework help

Winshield project on Lincoln Park in chicago, il
Politics:  Determine if the community is very swayed politically or is predominantly of one party affiliation.  Identify evidence of political activism, such as campaign signs, political billboards, or other evidence of political influence.
Boundaries:  You may include the street boundaries for the community, as well as any physical demarcation that defines the community boundaries:

Is it a natural boundary such as a river or a lake?
Is it a man-made boundary such as train tracks?
Is there a noticeable difference in the socioeconomic level in comparison to neighboring communities?  Do the individual neighborhoods vary in socioeconomic status?

Housing and zoning:  You may want to evaluate the typical single family, multi-family, alternative housing, and assisted living type homes for the area.  A visual map showing the boundaries of the community is always helpful.  Make a note of whether or not the residences have a large number of real estate signs on them.  Supportive data could also include:

any specific areas (and the size of the area) in which houses were in disrepair,
how many homes were for sale
how many single-family homes in comparison to multi-family dwellings or senior living complexes,
average home market price,
any data regarding proportion of young families with children compared to retirees
any changes in residency, recent trends in real estate (are the new construction homes build where previous existing homes were torn down? Or was there still available space in this established community?)

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