History 105: week 11 discussion

Part 1: Post a Response 
This week we have no new reading or subjects. Over the 11-week course, we have covered many events and issues that arose in the United States between 1865 and today. From the era of Reconstruction, the Progressive era and Jim Crow, the roaring 20s and the Great Depression, the Cold War and Civil Rights struggles, on through the age of Information to now. We have seen many examples of people struggling for rights and freedoms and people having to adapt to significant changes in the economy, technology, laws, and society. We have seen military engagements impact lives and our country. Think about these various periods and challenges.
Please do the following two things for your main post in our last discussion—this reflection:

Choose a specific historical event or example and reflect on the “long range” effect of it on your own life.
Choose another historical event and reflect on the “long range” impact on the modern workplace—perhaps on the profession you have chosen.

Part 2: Respond to a Peer 
Lisa Lipscomb
Good evening professor and Classmates,
As we come to the end of this course, the one thing that stands out to me the most would be the civil rights struggles, and our civil liberties. I think that as we continue to succeed in our endeavors that we do not take for granted the opportunity that has been afforded us. our liberties protect us from government power, and is rooted in the bill of rights, which limits the powers of the federal government. The government cannot take away the freedoms outlined in the bill of rights. If we can keep in mind, why we are completing  our college courses and earning our DEGREES, that we have an obligation not only to ourselves, but to each other, to strive without a continuous spirit to work towards making America the land of opportunity,  and to reach back in help someone less fortunate then ourselves, then I think history would not have the chance to repeat itself. I really wish that we had more time on that particular portion of the course, because in these times, that struggle is still very much real. 
I have worked in the public sector, as well as in the private sector of caring for children. I want to receive my degree in criminal justice, with a concentration in juvenile corrections. I think it is so important to reach these children before they either lose their lives, or end up in a correctional facility. We are not only at war with other countries, but we are at war, in our own back yard. There are far too many, school shootings, when our children should be learning, there is far too much gang violence because our children have no foundations or family structure. It is up to us to not forget about our children, not just your own personal family, but all of our families, continuously, together as Americans. I would hate to think that we are so caught up in other countries affairs, that we continue to miss our own domestic affairs. America is the land of opportunity, and I plan to use my opportunity to serve my community, what are you going to do?
It was a pleasure being in this course with all of you, and i really enjoyed our discussions, and feedbacks, Professor Stansbury, I really enjoyed your course, you are a great teacher and I learned a lot, it is my prayer that everyone is successful and  as we continue to strive for our end goal, we individually, and collectively, remember why we are at STRAYER.

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