hgmt 435 discussion 4

Respond to the question assigned to you. Include the question at the beginning of your post. Then respond to the initial post of two other students. Ask probing questions. Always include citations and references in correct APA format. Ensure you reply to any follow-up questions by the professor.
1. What are the characteristics of a perfectly competitive market?
2. What is the difference between variable and fixed costs, how do they change in short-run vs. long-run? Provide an example in healthcare.
3. What does increasing returns mean in the short-run? Provide an example of increasing returns?
4. From an economic perspective, at what point does a firm decide to shut-down? Explain.
5. When a market is perfectly competitive what does this imply about the supply curve and the price charged for a particular good?
6. What is the level of profits in the long-run in a perfectly competitive market? Explain why.
7. What is the difference between an economic and accounting profit?
8. What is the principle of diminishing marginal return?
Question Assigned: Question # 7-Martin, Beverly
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