Hertz corp. v. friend united states supreme court, 130 s. ct. 1181

Two residents of California filed a lawsuit against Hertz Corporation arguing that the company’s labor practices were illegal. Hertz had the case moved to a federal court, pursuant to the Class Action Fairness Act. The plaintiffs argued that while Hertz had its headquarters in New Jersey and was incorporated in Delaware, it was still a citizen of California, and thus, because the company was not diverse from any of the plaintiffs, the case should be heard in a state court. Hertz disagreed. From your understanding of jurisdiction, can Hertz move the case to the federal court? Why or Why not? Do you think what Hertz propose to do amounts to forum shopping?
Write your answers to the above questions in an essay form, double-spaced in Word file, and upload to Blackboard. Your answer to the question should be between 150 words (not counting the question). Make sure you cite the sources consulted to write your essay. Citation of your sources should be done using APA style.

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