Helping Assignment

Instructions: Write down a story about a time when you faced an emergency in which you could have (or should have) provided help to another person. Did you help in this situation? Why or why not? As you complete this assignment, talk about it in terms of the Five Steps of helping that we discussed in class. First, write down a description of the emergency, and then talk about each of the five steps and whether you successfully completed the step or not! 
1). The emergency (5 points):  
2). Step One: noticing (6 points):  
3). Step Two: interpret (6 points)  
4). Step Three: responsibility (6 points)   
5). Step Four: decide if you have the skills (6 points) 
6). Step Five: final decision (6 points) 
The Book is Social Psychology twelfth edition and the Chapter to go to is Chapter 12 the title is called “Helping”
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