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oin Kim Kaupe as she shares the steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Kim begins by providing a set of tools to assess a potential business opportunity, outlines some of the challenges you might face, and offers a formula for starting small and creating your new company. She covers how to raise funds and the importance of having the right tools available. She also identifies the important people in the process of entrepreneurship and how each plays a powerful role in your success. Finally, Kim shares how to find a tribe of supporters and how to scale your new business.
Learning Objectives:

Startup challenges:
Startup finance models:

Mentors and advisors
Goal setting
Co-founders and team members
Marketing strategy
Personal branding
Launching your startup
Business growth

MY noties :————
1- she toked about 1-Clarify whay I want to start my business ,
( my answer for this is I want to have my one hotel that will help my self and my family , and be a good business woman on the future,)
2- if I am ready medicinally? do I need health care , for this yes I need I have thought about it but I did not do it because for business I didi not know I should do that as will for my business.
3- am I ready financially ?
A- what is my worst – case scenario if I start any business and how I prepare my self
B- are my people closed ? to sport me yes
4- Internal ?External :-
I should know my weakness ;- work in solve them
and what cold go wrong in future in my Buisness and how to avoid that by proper and expect what will happen .
__start with a side hustle
A- find a low cost of market-ship
B- work for free .

5- company name need to be easy to save and have a hostorical story ,
go and look if someone have had the same name or not before buy it .

6-Buy domain , secure social hands , Apply for trademark ,launch Business
7- Know that someone has been there before , (If some on hand the same business you are blaming to do , see similar Business are financed (cope and improve the business is legal )
seek at understand the process (person you know call interpreter for advice )
Boots trapping ( using charged Cat=re to keep the growth up if I start a business without investors ) for the beginning .
Take only what I need #
did I need Celebrities and should I go with them or use another who less cost to success , worth it or not

using my network for people whom has the same vision , think about the vision
stave jopes (apple ) as an Example when he use Equity

(seek legal advice):
A- startup legal attorneys
B- Early – stage law firms
( I have started an research before sing
————( dont take about 3 things anger the table (politics ,relaxin ,money )
do not:- take it personally when some thing happen in the business , dont forget to follow up (the investors even if they don’t get intrastate at the beginning )
Do :-prepare it , set expatiation

4- I identify and utilized advisers (mentors )
A-know that mentorship can take different form.
5- don’t be afraid to ask for help ?, tell family and friend your need so they math give you help that you may not thought about , use social media ask people how have experinces , think to help you success,

6- “the lone wolf dies, but the pack the pack survives”George R>R marathon
A Game of thrones’

Bring people ,look in your network , know what traits you are looking for :
who has :

different skills
same vision
tell there what you need to have a clear picture of you
5- Engage with early a dopplers, Give your customers some things to brag about (win-win)

7- synergy:-
cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than their individual parts

find like -minded venddors
choose consumer -facing partnaership
Quation to find good partnership :
1- similer audience ,
2- small give ,big Reward (help me to growth )

have a clear market strategy:
is a key to find my prince and grow them .
strategy:- 3WWW:
1- who my product or my market :
2- where I can find them easy and in a smart way .are they need my product or not
3- when I have to sit it in the grown , in which day or month

go low
Asses the problem
why that heppan,trake the process for solving and working every day
——start smile ,to Bild off wins ,foucs on business out come ,pitch yourself regularly

using linkedin them (social contact look for contact that match yours with them )
specific factors :
use capital to grow
do the work (tip of regal)
—–vet your strategies
ask for help
——-use social media and people google
alerts after atomic up dates
set reminders to reach out
left up (to be more excited so you make mistake
– controls your feeling I

-Buisiness caches
-In depth Business analysis
– Unbiased fedback

Find Coaches through peers,socalmdia ,and mentors.

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Entrepreneurship foundations

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