Help with lifespan psychology questions

For each question, chose the best/correct answer. After, explain why that answer is correct. Any questions please let me know, NO plagiarism please!

1. Annette is a warm and affectionate mother to her sons, Jason and Keith. When she comes home from her job, she likes to spend time playing with them, preparing their favorite foods, and watching TV with them. She describes herself as a “soft touch” when it comes to her children. Lately she has been hearing complaints about 6-year-old Jason’s behavior in school. Annette thinks the teacher is being too hard on her son. She does not want anything to affect the good relationship she has with her children. Which style best describes Annette’s parenting?
a. Authoritarian.
b. Authoritative.
c. Permissive.
d. Neglecting-uninvolved.

2. For counselors who work with families that include children of different ages, which of the following statements is true?
a. Parents should consistently enforce a limited number of rules regardless of the age of the child.
b. Parents need to treat all children in the family the same way (e.g., granting privileges, etc.) or they risk sending the message that they favor one child over another.
c. Parents need to be flexible as children get older and adjust their rules and expectations to developmentally changing competencies and needs.
d. Parents can relax their control of older children because these children have passed the critical period of the preschool years when learning rules is most important.
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