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I have done all but MOST Important question 3  if you answer all correctly I have more work for you soon.  Yes this is a test ????
For problems 1 and 2, a computer has the following four processes that have arrived in the ready queue in the sequence shown below. NOTE: There are no mandatory time outs required.

Process 1 has a run time of 30 seconds, a priority of 1, and it will require 15 seconds of I/O after 10 seconds of execution.
Process 2 has a run time of 20 seconds, a priority of 2, and it will require 10 seconds of I/O after 5 seconds of execution.
Process 3 has a run time of 25 seconds and a priority of 2.
Process 4 has a run time of 10 seconds and a priority of 1.

1. (2 points) If the Round Robin Scheduling algorithm is used, which process completes first and why?
2. (2 points) If the Non-preemptive Priority Scheduling algorithm is used, which process completes second and why?
3. (3 points) Explain the trade-offs between contiguous, noncontiguous linked, and noncontiguous indexed file allocation. In particular, note the effect on sequential and random access methods.
4. (3 points) Using a variable-partitioned multiprogramming memory, which of the four holes shown below will be used to satisfy a 45 KB program requirement under the conditions of:

0-10 KB

10-45 KB

45-140 KB

140-190 KB

190-260 KB

260-320 KB

320-350 KB

350-405 KB

405-470 KB


Hole A


Hole B


Hole C


Hole D


___ First-fit___ Best-fit___ Worst-fit

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