Help needed for my Culturally grounded Cultural Autobiography assignment.

Hi Ryan,
As discussed through chat, I have completed 1 1/2 pages so far on my cultural autobiography. A total of 8 pages are needed. You can read what I’ve written so far and just continue with it. The instructions are listed below. Please make sure to cite to provide evidence/support to my story. let me know if you have any questions.
Also, please check for any grammar errors etc.. My paper attached should already be set up in APA style.

Cultural Autobiography Instructions
Cultural Autobiography
Each student will write a 8 page paper (APA Style) summarizing their own cultural biography. This entails both a scholarly and personal discussion of the cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, gender-based, ability-based, and other related factors that were critically formative in each student’s development as a person, a member of a cluster of identities, and as a social worker. Describe one’s own cultural and educational formation within the context of family, schools, peers, neighborhoods, social class, occupation, community, state and nation. Each author should consult with the literature (a minimum of 10) pertaining to the groups with which they identify and in which they were acculturated such as ethnic groups, the military, denominations/faiths, identity, and any other affiliation that was formative in their development. Illustrate how one’s world view, values, attitudes, behaviors, risk factors and resilience were all shaped. Discuss how this might pertain to one’s practice in social work with clients who are similar and very different and how one might meet the challenge of overcoming one’s own biases and experiences in working with disparate groups.

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