hello help with this brand and reputation essay

Part 1 (1500 words)
In an essay, select one brand from the “favourite New Zealand Brands” list as below (described in the New Zealand Herald article from week two).
1. Whittaker’s chocolate
2. Tip Top 3. All Blacks
4. Cadbury 5. Trade Me
6. Air New Zealand
7. Pineapple Lumps
8. Edmonds
9. Heinz Wattie’s
10. L&P
Critically analyse your selected brand, first describing the brand components (i.e. brand name, URL, logo etc), and then the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Part 2 (1500 words)
Maintaining and developing brand components are an important of brand management, yet intangibles like reputation are also critical. Focussing on the brand you have analysed in the first part of this assignment
• describe the concept and value of reputation in a contemporary corporate setting (make sure to include an explanation of the relationship between reputation and brand)
• specifically identify potential political and social risks to your chosen company’s reputation
• describe the broad approaches your selected company may adopt to protect its reputation from such risk.
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