Hello class, in this journal you will be introducing yoursel…

Hello class, in this journal you will be introducing yourselves to me and answering a few questions about the video: “8 Intelligences: Are you a Jack of All Trades or a Master of One?” 
This will take the form of a short 150 – 200 word response. 
For the first part, where I want you to introduce yourself to me, I want you to answer these questions in a short paragraph:
Tell me about yourself, what is your name, and what are some of your hobbies, or what do you like to do in your spare time?  read and write and play soccer 
What is your current career path or goal?
 What are you currently studying?
Do you consider yourself to be a good writer?  maybe 
How do you feel about writing?
 Are there certain genres that you like more; for example: do you like writing arguments?no
 Informative essays?yes
 Reviews? Etc. 
Lastly, because this is a Rhetoric and Composition course, what are some rhetorical mediums that you like to visit? Ex: Social media websites? YouTube (Do you have a favorite YouTuber?) Do you visit websites with threads? Tell me about this. 
Next, in another paragraph, I want you to focus on the video “8 Intelligences: Are you a Jack of all Trades …” Watch that video and answer these questions:
What are the 8 intelligences that Professor Howard Gardner believes exist? Name them and explain them. 
Which intelligence do you believe you belong to? 
Lastly, what are your thoughts on mastering just one intelligence or becoming a jack of all trades? (He talks about this towards the end) 
I look forward to reading all your responses. 
FYI: This post is public, so others will be able to see what you write. 

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